Only the beginning...

TIAB is Texas Instruments Address Book.

Texas Instruments or the TIAB Project members do not resume any responsiblites for this program. This is a third party program, that will be released under the GNU license soon.

This temporary.
Project Version Features Todo List
TIAB 89 v.
Add entry
Edit entry
Delete Feature

Plans to get around to:

  1. Port to other Calculators
  2. Import/Export to other address books [CSV, Eudora, Outlook, Palm]
  3. Port to PC [Dos, Win32?, Linux]

If you are interested in helping this project out, please contact Dustin.

Project Members:  
  Dustin Souers

DOWNLOAD HERE or DOWNLOAD HERE sorry I dont know which link will work. I haven't tried it yet.

Screenshots of version

Can anyone tell me from what song I got the slogan from?